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Homeowners Insurance Information

Buying a home might feel like jumping into a whirlpool. It’s a big decision, and you are going to invest a lot of money in paying for and maintaining the property.

You home is about more than just your house. It’s about your possessions and family as well. Every one of these items has value. Should something bad happen to the home or people in it, you need financial protection. Homeowners insurance is just the ticket for this security.

What is Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Let’s say something bad happens to your home. In this day and age, even replacing a broken window might cost hundreds of dollars. It’s not unlikely that more severe problems could easily send damage costs skyrocketing. Do you really want to pay for those losses out of pocket?

With homeowners insurance, you don’t have to. The appropriate policy can provide you with valuable funds to compensate for costly losses. Some of the coverage options we offer include

  • Property Insurance: Can help you pay for damage to your house from things like fire, weather, theft and other hazards. Many policies can also cover detached garages or other structures.
  • Possessions/Belongings coverage: You own a lot of expensive items like electronics and clothing. This coverage will help you pay to replace them following covered losses.
  • Liability insurance: This protection extends not to your own property, but to the property of others. If you harm someone else or their property, use your liability insurance to compensate them. It comes in a couple of forms

o   Bodily injury coverage: In case you harm someone else, this coverage can assist that person with paying medical bills or other costs.

o   Personal injury coverage: Can help pay for damage if someone alleges false arrest, libel, slander or similar charges.

o   Property damage protection: Let’s say your child throws a ball through a neighbor’s window. This coverage can help that person pay to replace the window.

  • Identity theft insurance: Identity theft means more than just a fraudulent credit card charge. It might have far-reaching consequences. Use this coverage to protect yourself.

Our Customer Service Options

Setting up a homeowners policy takes attention to detail. You don’t want to have to do it yourself. Let the expert team at Easley Hedrick Insurance & Financial help you find targeted protection.

We’re a locally-owned company, with roots in the community. We understand what it means to insure your Virginia home. With our help, your coverage will protect your house, possessions and other personal risks, all at an affordable price. Don’t hesitate to call one of our offices in Mechanicsville, Richmond or Chatham today or request a free quote online now!

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